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Thread: Navagation off the .swf page causing "pause"...

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    Navagation off the .swf page causing "pause"...

    I have a .swf playing on the index page of a site. When the user goes to another page on the site

    and then returns to the main page, I would like the .swf to have paused and then pick up were it

    left off or to "pause" when the user navigates off the page containing the.swf and then be able to

    be unpaused when the user returns to that page.

    Is this possible?


    To be more clear the .swf is on the index.html page. When the user navagates to any other html page in the site and then returns to the index.html page I'd like the .swf to resume where it left off or pause upon leaving and the can be unpaused by a button...

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