Hi. Up until a while ago I was able to, while working on some code, select a particular actionscript component such as a Class, function or property and hit the F1 key which would immediately bring up Adobe Help in my internet browser already showing the page relevant to my selection. For example, if I had selected the word "MovieClip" in my code and hit F1, the Adobe Help page describing the MovieClip class would come up, without me having to navigate to it.
Now (for some weeks actually), it no longer does that. When I hit F1, Adobe Help comes up in my browser, but opens at a general menu page regardless of what text I select, which in fact makes selecting text before hitting F1 redundant anyways.
Does anyone know anything about this?

It was so much more convenient before! Now I have to search for what I'm looking for every time. I'm learning on my own, so I find myself going to the Help pages quite often. At the end of the day, it sums up to be a lot of typing and searching and pages to navigate through. Also, it seems that navigating through the Adobe Help pages is kind of slow which just makes it even more of a drag.

I'd appreciate any information on this, or possibly some help in how to get things back to how they were.