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Thread: [RESOLVED] Init problem - but no errors?

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Init problem - but no errors?

    Alright, so here I am still learning the ropes of programming, and encountered a very 'convenient' problem that is error-free, but at the same time not working... I have uploaded both the files involved, and am completely stuck as to why it doesn't work... The outputting of text isn't working, heck, even the basic trace which didn't use anything on the stage didn't work... Could someone please fathom out what is up here? Cheers, it's just with no error appearing on my CS4 when I export the file, I cannot fathom what is up with it.

    It is supposed to be outputting text to a dynamic text box saying "I am thinking of a number between 1 and 100" for starters, and that isn't happening. Something seems to be wrong with the init() command and I just cannot think what it may be...


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    Thats because you didn't add your document class here

    And, could you not use filefactory for .as files? Put them here in the AS3 tags, or at least put all files in the same archive.

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    Thanks Casey, I'm presuming I filefactory my main .fla file and then AS3 tags for my ActionScript?

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