No country should be bombed with an A-bomb, even one hates that country, and it should not even be thought. You better look at Japan where two A-bombs have been unloaded. look at Tschernobyl or now at Fukushima and that is not an A-bomb just a "bit" of radioisotope and look what kind of harm that caused. I am German and my wife is Japanese, so we are the former evil axis. Well, fortunately Germany was not eliminated with an A-bomb even Hitler killed so many people. That does not solve any problems.

Regarding Gaddafi, he is mentally sick and that distinguishes him also from the other leaders. So he will do anything to keep the power and if it means to eradicate half of Lybia. The US is also not going alone and in favor of the US I have to say that this time they are not behaving like the World police. This situation is extremely delicate. The best would have been if Gaddafi would have stayed isolated all the time until now after admitting to be responsible for bringing down a US airplane over Scotland.