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Thread: Papervision 3D Flash Presentation on the Xoom Tablet (Android) w/ Touchscreen

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    Papervision 3D Flash Presentation on the Xoom Tablet (Android) w/ Touchscreen

    Does anyone here have any experience putting a Flash application on the Xoom tablet or another Android device w/ touchscreen?

    I have a Flash presentation that is built in Papervision 3D and I want to put it on the Xoom tablet. Are there different event handlers to make the touchscreen work or will normal button events port correctly?

    I have exported the application into an Air Android application.. I'm waiting for my Xoom tablet to test it out.

    If anyone has any advice or information about this, I would be very appreciative.

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    Nothing needs to be changed.

    You can leave it .swf and deploy it a browser, or convert it to an app.

    It will work fine.

    The mobile flash player converts these events to touch events for you.

    I have about 40 apps and webapps I created in flash on my xoom, these apps are workarounds to not having a flash compiler on android, so I can still use the xoom to develop flash content, one of the apps I made ftp my files, tells my office pc to pull them down and compile it, then ftp the .swf so I can see it on my xoom through the browser.

    So far nothing I have tried to do/use has given me any problems, flash is awesome on a mobile device, we bascially have our own portable OS that will run on anything and we can make anything with it.
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