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Thread: I can't send anything right in FLASH!!!!

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    I have struggled and I have sweated the details but managed to get 90% of my client's website ready for launch except for two lousy hang-ups that the experts can't seem to teach a lame brain like myself!! I need to know "every stinkin detail" as a newbie would and these guys are so good that they really don't know how to teach very well. I take the instructions verbatum,..and they keep giving me descriptives without telling me if I need to replace this or that with my info or what not!!! I have created a feedback form. Great looking but when you click on the submit button after entering your comments,..you get the stupid e-mail window for my client's e-mail address. I don't want the visitor to get that because then that would mean that they just wasted their time typing in the previous comments on the form. How "EXACTLY" do I get the darn thing to go from the form directly into my client's lap WITHOUT having the Outlook express window popping up? What do I type in the variables and how does my client retrieve it? They use a company called TOPCHOICE as their web host. I'm not well versed in servers, cgi, asp etc and this is obviously killing me!!!!
    Second problem: I have an order form that i built in FLASH that again looks the part of a lion but roars like a kitten! Because I can't get the submit button to send ANYTHING that's understandable or legible to my client's e-mail account I have had to bail out and instruct the visitor to fill it out, click the total button and then print it off and fax it to us!!! That is bad!!!! Again,...I managed to create a total button,..a clear button and a submit button,..but I can't figure out how to get the order form to have it's data sent to my client! I'm dying here,..can you help?

    Todd Philip Dolce'
    (I'll even call you from my office and pay for the call if it means I can get some help!!)

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    There is no way to send email thru the browser without the clients email application open.

    UNLESS, you use a cgi. which means writing a simple email cgi, or getting one of the many for free off the web. This will allow the client to fill in a form and then when they submit it, the cgi comstructs an email to send to the recipient.

    This requires soe server software, so explain this to yer customer.

    good luck.

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    Hopefully I can help. If I understand you right, you have two forms and once someone fills them out, you want them to email your clients. This is what I do (and this is the easiest way:

    On my Flash forms, I direct the SEND button to a program in my cgi-bin called "sendmail.asp". What that will do is send all the info in the fields to the ASP program and then email them to whoever you want them to. If that's what you're looking to do, gimme a call and I'll email you the ASP program to put in the cgi-bin of your clients. You should probably see if their hosting company supports ASP programs (most likely they do). 206-575-1111 ext 4312 or email me at tim@bigguppy.com.

    Hope that helps!

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