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Thread: [WIP] Multiplayer ninja game

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    [WIP] Multiplayer ninja game


    arrow keys to move.

    Its got wall jumping and double jumps

    The game will hopefully turn out to be a co-op race game where you have to help each other get to a certain point on a mountain trying to beat your opponents.

    Right now I'm using the trial version of smartfox to handle room creation / user stuff, so a maximum of 100 people can play. Right now there's a limit to 4 people per room so your PC doesn't die if 100 people are playing. This is using the Adobe Cirrus RTMFP stuff to handle real time data between clients. Its not optimized in any way right now, I just send data and receive data, no interpolation, prediction or extrapolation is being used.

    Things to come:

    ninja rope
    wall jumping off other players (co-op wall jumping)
    sword fighting
    ninja stars
    cliff edges

    there's bound to be a million gazillion bugs but please let me know any you find

    I would also love to know how laggy it felt. Have fun!

    *Chat box down below, chat messages up top
    *Wall jumping is easier if you keep holding the up key and alternate between left/right when you're on the walls
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