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Thread: Final Year Project Help

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    Final Year Project Help

    Hey guys!

    I'm currently doing a project about secrets, so I need to collect some. I have so far collected some in person but now I'm looking into gathering secret via internet. Hope you could help me out!

    Anyways, here's the link to my survey, just write in a secret, they will all be anonymous so don't worry! They can be funny, weird or serious but needs to be honest and true.


    Thanks guys!

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    So...this has nothing whatsoever to do with Art, Animation, or Illustration. Or even Flash. And you want people to broadcast their secrets to potentially millions of people. Anonymity will be protected, of course -- on your say-so. These anecdotes need to be "true" -- but you will have no way of proving this. Don't worry!?

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    Well I'm doing Graphic Design but I plan to create an art or animation piece that involves with secrets. This sort of idea has been done before. Yes they are collected anonymously - I'm not asking for names. I don't expect all secrets given to be personal nor am I expecting everyone to give one. It's up to you if you want to contribute. Your right I won't be able to prove that all secrets are true or not, but I can only take in what has been written.

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