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Thread: How Big Is Too Big??

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    How Big Should A Flash Movie Be?


    I am nearly done my flash intro for a site, but I am not sure if I have to cut down on the animation and/or pictures and sounds because I am very afraid it is too big. Plz tell me what a 40-70 second flash movie should be. A ballpark would be great, thx!

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    It depends all on the content and the user's connection speed. For example, 1 Megabyte on a 56 k connection would take the user about 5 minutes to download, DLS or cable about 40 seconds. So going by that most people have a 56k. I would base the projections on that. So a file size of 1/10 a meg... 100k would take 36 seconds. Note: Graphics and sound eat alot of space up.. Hope this helps any..


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