Guys, I really need help with this, Im new to away 3D and AS3.

So I create a simple ObjectContainer3D, add it to scene.
Then I create a simple plane and add it into the ObjectContainer
var myplanecontainer:ObjectContainer3D;
myplanecontainer = new ObjectContainer3D;
_view.scene.addChild(myplanecontainer); = "planocontainer" ;

// Creating a plane and adding it into ObjectContainer3D
var myplane:Plane;
myplane = new Plane();
myplane.width = 100;
myplane.height = 100; = "plane";
Until here, it works. A simple plane appears in the scene.

My problem comes here: Later in the code, I need to put the container and the plane back into some vars, to manipulate them again.

var myplanecontainer2:ObjectContainer3D;
var myplane2:Plane;

myplanecontainer2 = _view.scene.getChildByName("planocontainer");
myplane2 = myplanecontainer2.getChildByName("plane");
At this point it returns me two 1118 errors, saying i cant convert Object3D into object3Dcontainer, nor object3D into plane......

I believe my problem is I dont know how to use GetChildByName to get a plane into a var. Anybody could help me? How to do it properly? Thanks in advance!