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Thread: First Flash Project: Pause/Play Mp3 Player [Help]

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    Exclamation First Flash Project: Pause/Play Mp3 Player [Help]

    I decided I'd start getting into flash the other day, and today was my first go.
    Decided that creating a simple Pause/play music player would be a nice way to start off.

    The problem with tutorials that I've found online thus far, is that:

    1. I don't want it to autoplay.
    2. I want the mp3 file to resume, not stop.

    I created the skin/button in Photoshop, and now I just need help getting a sort of toggle effect between the play/pause button.

    It looks somewhat like this:

    Play |

    and after hitting play, it would look like:

    (empty space where Play used to be) | Pause

    Not sure where to start.

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    You could make your play and pause buttons be separate, then use Actionscript to change the visibility of them when they are clicked - essentially turning the one on and the off. I can't give you any script for this as it's been years since I've done anything of the sort, and it would ahve been in Actionscript 2.0 anyway - if you're just starting out you should really learn Actionscript 3.0. Unfortunately that's something I haven't had time to do myself, so someone else will have to help you out with that.

    Hope this is some help or at least gives you somewhere to start Googling.

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