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Multiple answers to question
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Thread: Multiple answers to question

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    Multiple answers to question

    Me again, with a different problem...

    How do you check for correct answers to a question, when there are four correct answers from a possible six. The answers can be answered in any order, and each answer can only be used once.

    Want to avoid having to do a manual check along the lines of:

    Actionscript Code:
    if (answered[0] == answer1) {
            game_stage = CORRECT_ANSWER;
    if (answered[0] == answer1 && answered[1] == answer2) {
            game_stage = CORRECT_ANSWER;

    as this quickly gets inefficient and messy...

    Any smart ideas, very greatly appreciated.

    Thanks indeed!

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    Riverside ish...
    array(s) with the questions, correct yes or no flag, and a been used flag?

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