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Thread: Using a variable for an instance name??

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    Question Using a variable for an instance name??

    Ok, I've been at this for 2 days now, and really need some assistance. It seems like it should be so simple!

    The part that doesn't work:

    	// or this:
    Where, "critter_pressed_new" is not a specific instance name, but rather a variable name.

    Please see the attached file and take a look if you are familiar with variables.

    If you want more info, here's the deal...

    I randomly launch some movie clips from the library with attachMovie (they are bedbugs). No problem there.

    On launch they get instance names. The first one gets "critter_launched_01", the second "critter_launched_02".

    There is a button in the root that needs to be able to make the critter go away (by going to a frame label of "poof", which has a red X on it for now).

    I have a little test button that is hard-coded for:
    	//this is what code needs to do from other button, but using var name:
    and it works fine. No problem there.

    But, I need to be able to have one button close only the most recent bug. So I created a variable in the root to keep track of the last one out:

    var critter_pressed_new = "test";
    Then within the critter mc I update it using this:
    _root.critter_pressed_new = targetPath(this);
    which now makes the variable of "critter_pressed_new" have the instance name of the movie clip in it (which, would be _level0.critter_launched_01 or 02).

    Then that button in the root should be able to take the value that is in the variable "critter_pressed_new" and use that as the instance name, to make that particular mc go away.

    Please help if you can offer any advice at all!! Thank you!
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