I'm working on my first iPad app for a client (which is also going to be delivered online as a flash piece) and I have a few "general" questions. If anyone knows anything about any of these, I would appreciate any input.

I'm STILL waiting to get my developer license from Apple, so I can't test any of these out to see if they work or not and I need to start figuring out my development strategy.

1) storing defaults - the client wants to be able to "pre-set" some parameters and have them persist the next time they access the app. No problem for the flash version, I'll use a shared object. For the iPad, I'm wondering if this is possible? Would I be able to do this within the app settings somehow? Can you access those app settings from flash? Can those be created for the ipa from CS5 or do I need to create those in xCode?

2) external files/data? I have a third-party charting application that is a swf that gets loaded externally and then calls data from an external xml file. Any way that can work on the iPad? Can you load external swf files from an .ipa? If not, is there any way to "embed" that file so it will work??