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Thread: Anybody having trouble with CS5.5?

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    Anybody having trouble with CS5.5?

    I'm using it on a Mac. The autosave feature can't be turned off even though there is an option for it. So it saves my 300mb file every 10 minutes. Which means every 10 minutes I have to stop working and hope the machine isn't crashing and I stare at the beach ball spin for 15-20 seconds.

    Adobe is also enforcing non-changeable short cuts for stroke size on the [ and ] keys like in Photoshop. Sucks because I used those for keyframe stuff. The keyboard preferences pane doesn't even tell you there is a conflict until you try it and it doesn't work.

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    I too still mourn the death of macromedia. My guess is alot of this community does as well. CS5 has been out for a while and as far as I can tell, there was no rush to upgrade to it and they already come out with 5.5?!?!

    5.5...I mean come on, really? you want us to upgrade yet again? Barely a year after you launch 5?

    I have seen CS3 and CS4 and CS5, all of them have some obvious interface issues and the difference between the versions is very little compared to what macromedia used to do.

    Adobe seems to be pumping out new versions as fast as possible to try and squeeze out whatever profit is left before the mighty HTML5 pushes the product completely out of business. At least thats the perception they seem to have as each version 'upgrade' is more about a perceived upgrade rather than having anything substanative in it.


    So far I'm incredibly unimpressed with what adobe has done with flash

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