Hi there,

I hope this is easy, although so far it has stumped me.

I'm trying to use the shapeFlag so that my hitTest uses shape of object rather than rectangle bounds.

My code looks like this, and I'm not sure how to test based on the shapeFlag...

Any help greatly appreciated!

Thanks a thousandfold...

Actionscript Code:
function doHitTest() {
    // check to see if it is on existing object
    for (g = 0; g <= _root.shapeNum; g++) {
        // check it's still on basePlate
            // don't test against self
            if(this.hit_me != _root.workArea_mc["shape"+g].hit_me){
                    trace ("this = " + this);
                    trace ("hits this = " + _root.workArea_mc["shape"+g]);
                    this._x += 32;             
         } else {
             trace("not on basePlate");