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Thread: Can't do the math :-((

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    Question Can't do the math :-((


    I have a problem, I cant figure out how to solve the following...

    I have a container (CONTAINER_MC), containing one or more containers(CONTAINER_01_MC) that is rotated arbitrary. Inside these containers I have one or more MC's (MC_01, MC02...)

    I want to acheive the effect of zooming and centering in on MC_01, MC_02 ect.
    I'm scaling and rotating CONTAINER_MC to get this effect, I figured out how to calulate the rotation and scale.
    But I am having difficulties calculating the X and Y position of CONTAINER_MC.

    var scale:Number = stage.stageHeight/MC_01.height;
    var rotation:Number =CONTAINER_01_MC.parent.rotation*-1;

    But I cant figure how to calculate the new X and Y for CONTAINER_MC the ensures that MC_01 is centered on stage.

    I made a illustration to ******** the problem...

    Hope someone can help me......

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    Use localToGlobal and globalToLocal to translate points in individual object coordinate spaces to stage space.

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