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Moving movie clip across stage?
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Thread: Moving movie clip across stage?

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    Post Moving movie clip across stage?


    How would I move a movie clip from a (non-specified) point, to a designated destination (in coordinates)?

    For example, move a movie clip named "Guy" to coordinates X=100, Y=100.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I read that again, and realized I forgot to mention something...

    I need it to move progressively, not instantly.

    Like, scoot across the screen, instead of just appearing there.


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    You can have velocity variables like vX and vY. Probably inside a timer event or enter frame, have your movie clip (mc) coordinates updated. Something like this:
    Actionscript Code:
    var vX:uint = 2;
    var vY:uint = 3;

    addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, onEnterFrame);

    function onEnterFrame(e:Event):void
       //your movie clip's position
        mc.x += vX;
        mc.y += vY;

       //stop the movement when your movie clip reaches the position
       if (mc.x >= 100)
           vX = 0;
       if (mc.y >= 100)
           vY = 0
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    I'd use a tweening engine like TweenLite, where you'd do something like:
    Code:, 1, {x:100, y:100});
    But you can do this yourself, too.
    var destination:Point = new Point(100, 100);
    var steps:int = 100; //how many frames to get there.
    var dx:Number = (destination.x - mc.x) / steps;
    var dy:Number = (destination.y - mc.y) / steps;
    mc.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, nudge);
    function nudge(e:Event):void{
      mc.x += dx;
      mc.y += dy;
      if (mc.x == destination.x){
        mc.removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, nudge);

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    Thank you both, I got it!

    Flashkit never lets me down

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