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Thread: "like painting a text" effect?

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    i just try to make a text appears (like if i painted it) on mouse over. I means, i have a text and i need to make it appears as if i dropped a mask over him, but the text that mask shows should keeps visible. It's something like an eraser that erases a surface, and down its surface there was a text....!?!...

    ....any idea?...tanx

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    Hi there, and welcome to Flashkit..!!

    If you've only got a small amount of text, it would be easier to make it a movie clip and erase it by hand, you could then have the movie clip inside the button..

    Make a new movie clip, and paste your text in a keyframe at about frame 20..

    Take the original text, and break it apart ( CTRL+B) to make it into vectors..

    right click on the frame and select "copy frames" from the menu..

    Paste this into frame 19 and erase part of the text..

    Repeat this process all the way back to frame one..

    It's slow, but it'll give you the desired effect...

    That's the way I'd do it, but someone else might have a better idea!!



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