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Thread: Tween Engines.... They needed?

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    Cool Tween Engines.... They needed?

    Hey all,

    In the past, I have always animated objects using an Enter Frame event (ie. slide it 5 pixels to the right every frame).

    I am seeing many companies I work at using the TweenLite tweening engine to animate objects.

    Is there some special magic these tweening engines do that makes them better?

    If I wanted to side a ball across the screen over a time span of 100 frames, would using an Enter Frame be any different than using the tween engine? Or would they have the exact same result?


    P.S. I am aware that tweening engines have other special things (easing, etc). This is assuming we don't need those.

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    All libraries add file size so one should consider that before using them. TweenLite/Max have a pretty good plug in architecture so you save on the size for features you don't need. A tween is really just (destination - start) * time so for simple things you can probably skip em. If you're doing a lot of animation and need things to change speed over time you can either implement easing equations yourself or just use an engine.

    Keep in mind TweenLite has a license and may or may not be right for your project. eaze has a different license.

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