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Thread: AIR Socket Server with HTML5 Web Sockets

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    AIR Socket Server with HTML5 Web Sockets

    Hi, guys. I've been struggling with this socket server. It's so close.

    I'm able to connect, able to send a message from HTML 5 to the AIR socket server and have the server see that there is an inbound message and even see that there are more or less bytes available based on the size of the message, but am unable to see the content of the message sent through.

    I'm just trying to send one-way text communication via sockets from HTML 5 to an AIR app.

    Has anyone played with this? Does anyone have an idea why I can't see the actual content of the message? I'll attach my AS3/AIR (Flash Pro CS5) code and my HTML/JS code.

    Thanks to anyone who takes a look!
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    Oops -- I need to follow-up already. My brain is fried. To get the above code to work, change the default value of "handshakeMade" to true on line 26 of ServerSocketExample.as.

    That's a websocket-specific handshake that needs to be made to complete the connection.


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