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Thread: Export Dynamic Movieclip

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    Export Dynamic Movieclip


    I just wanted to know weather we can Export Dynamic Movieclip into any other video format or even 'swf' through Actionscript. Or if there is any open source available that can perform the job.

    Thanks in advance.

    Papan D.

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    If you run a swf inside Flash CS5 you can do a File>Export>Export Movie and capture the playback as video. If it needs to happen in AS3 - you'll need to capture every frame of whatever you want to record using BitmapData.draw() - then feed those into a library for compression to video. It's extremely processor intensive - it will help a lot if it's something you can slow down and render frame by frame - if you try to do it while it's playing you'll get choppy recording.

    Here's one post about encoding to FLV - I'm sure there are some others out there if you look around.
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