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GeoIP display with Flash/AS/Javascript?
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Thread: GeoIP display with Flash/AS/Javascript?

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    Unhappy GeoIP display with Flash/AS/Javascript?


    I am trying to display my visitors' City/State/Region info in a flash movie. I would like it to act just like those javascripts that you see everywhere that say something like "you are visiting from CITY NAME, STATE NAME".

    After quite some searching, I think that I may have found an "ActionScript wrapper", which supposedly works in conjunction with Flash to achieve my desired result. The problem is, I have never dealt with a ".as" file before, and I don't know really what to do with it, or where to go from here. I will try to post the URL of where I am at, if I am allowed.

    or google the phrase "MaxMind - GeoIP JavaScript Web Service" and it's the first link.

    That URL shows the javascript that I was intending to use, (which is easy enough to implement by itself), but at the very bottom of the page is a link to the ActionScript wrapper which "facilitates usage with Flash". - which is where I think I need to be, but am stuck. I'm using Flash 8.

    Any help is much appreciated! thanks

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    I dont about the AS wrapper thing..

    but you can call/execute .js functions from with-in Flash (that are in your container/wrapper page... ie: the html page).

    and you can also register/call/execute FLASH functions form outside the flash app in you container page.. (ie: html page/.javascript...etc)

    Look into using ExternalInterface(); for doing this..

    is there an API or URL that you use to send info and get a response?

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    actually Ijust took a look.. its SUPER easy..

    here is the code I used in my HTML page:

    <script language="JavaScript" src=""></script>

    <script language="JavaScript">
    countryName = geoip_country_name();

    function getCountry(){
    // return the name string here
    return countryName;

    here is my code in my flash movie:

    actionscript Code:
    import flash.external.*;
    textField_txt.text ="getCountry");

    this obviously only shows/grabs one value..but you can return everything if you like.

    good luck.

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