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Thread: Overlapping Flash files

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    Overlapping Flash files

    Hey all, having a bit of a headache with flash!

    I've got two separate swf files positioned over each other via html/css, the lower file has interactive movieclips which, when rolled over in IE work fine, but won't do anything in any other browser.

    The top file needs to remain on top (ruling out using z-index to simply position the lower file on top) so is there any bits of coding i can use to get things working?

    The files can be seen at www.phillustration.co.uk. Basically the boat on the right and starfish/shell are the top files and the lower files contains the sea, lighthouse, smaller boat etc. When the smaller boat is rolled over it should splash about but for some annoying reason this isn't happening in any browser except IE.

    If anyone can help i'd be eternally grateful!

    Kind regards,

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    Hey, cute site! I like it a lot. I would say to you that your problem can only be fixed by putting the bottom file on top, only I can't see the problem. The little boat makes three droplets for me when I rollover it in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE9. I don't know whether you have already done something to fix it? If you have, post your solution so people coming across this in the future can get help.

    If you're still experiencing this problem (maybe in different versions of these browsers), the other thing I would ask is why you need the swfs to be separate in the first place?

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    Thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay in response!

    I eventually decided that layering the two files over each other was just creating a lot more work and instead decided to condense them down to one file (as would have been the sensible thing to do in the first place probably).

    I originally wanted the sandy hills/ foreground boat positioned in front as the AS3-generated rain was being displayed on top of the sand instead of falling behind it when they were in one file, but to solve this I just created a piece of code which makes the rain droplets vanish before they hit the sand.

    Thanks again for the reply!

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