I am trying to run this code:


I have downloaded these:


And they're in the correct location, but when I go to compile the FLA file in Flash, I get this message:

You have used a feature that requires the Flex SDK:
Embed metadata
Please set the Flex SDK path if necessary and add it to the library path for this file. The Flex SDK folder contains the bin, frameworks, lib and other folders.
I didn't have the SDK, so installed FlashDevelop to get it (I know there are probably better ways to get the SDK, but I was being lazy).

I set the path to the SDK that was installed when I installed FD:
C:\Program Files\FlashDevelop\Tools\flexsdk\

But it still does not work - Flash just asks me to put the path in again.

I have zipped my files here in case anyone needs to see what I've done:


If anyone can explain what I've done wrong I'd really appreciate it, as I would really like to get the wonderfl.net code to work.

Any advice much appreciated.