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Thread: Gta v

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    Gta v

    Anyone else excited? I am hoping they bring back some over the top stuff that made San Andreas so fun. I was disappointed with GTA IV as well so I hope they come back with a bang.

    I was really hoping for them to return to London but I guess this will do. Just weird that they're already reusing so many places. Are we just going to keep seeing NYC and LA redone on every console generation?
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    Quote Originally Posted by WannaBe_80z View Post
    Are we just going to keep seeing NYC and LA redone on every console generation?
    What else is there?
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    I'm very excited. I'm the reverse of you, I didn't like San Andreas to the point where I stopped playing it very early in the game. I consider GTA IV on the other hand one of the best games ever created. I've had to stomach missing out on every killer title for the last few years but this is one I really want to get my hands on.

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    I'm still pretty close to the finish line of GTA4, which i ended up picking up used after i got my 360 around when Mw2 came out.

    Then RDR came out and i got that and beat that, but gta5 looks like it could be fun, Not sure its a day 1 purchase from me because it seems like more of the same old stuff, where RDR kind of had this whole new feel, GTA5 looks like GTA4 with upgrades..

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    they better fix that fighting system.
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