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Thread: old as1 project converting to as3, cannot create properties errors

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    old as1 project converting to as3, cannot create properties errors

    i am taking an old as1 project and converting it into as3

    i believe all of my publish settings are correct

    there are 2 classes in my library with base class movie clip



    menucaller and mysqlurl each have an .as file associated with them, and are exported for actionscript

    on the stage i have instances of of menucaller

    on mouse over of menucaller, menucaller adds itself a child of mysqlurl via the menucaller.as file

    the problem is that sometimes this works perfectly fine,

    but sometimes i get errors of "cannot create property" referring to properties of mysqlurl

    sometimes copying and pasting all of the layers into a new project corrects this, but sometimes it does not

    i have an example of the problem here:


    in the folder there are 2 .fla files, one labeled "works" one labeled "dontwork", self-explanatory

    plz help me out, i think youll have to take a look at the files in order to help with this one because ive tried everything and there really seems to be no source of this problem

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    I can't look at your fla files, but "cannot create property" is generally caused by trying to add a property dynamically to a non-dynamic instance. If you attempt to set a property directly like
    someinstance.foo = bar;
    where someinstance is not dynamic and does not declare a foo property, you can get this error.
    You can also get it if you have "automatically declare stage instances" set and you add an instance with an instance name to such an object. In that case, flash attempts to add a matching property.

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    mysqlurl is created dynamically but its properties are not
    automatically declare stage instances is on

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