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Thread: Fill a shape with text

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    Fill a shape with text

    Hello chaps,

    I have a little flash project coming up, a christmas card, that requires a christmas tree shape to be dynamically filled with messages from an XML doc. A word/tag cloud basically.

    I've seen these things all over the place but I'm looking for an AS3 version that dynamically populates this shape and allows for difference in font size to give it some more variety and flavour. I've got some examples of tag clouds but they don't accept a shape as its outer bounds and I've found some that allow for a shape but don't account for dynamic resizing of the text. Even a nudge in the right direction would be all I need and I can go from there.

    This is the sort of thing I am after; http://www.ressacmedia.com/blog/wp-c...tag-cloud1.png

    But within a specific shape, a christmas tree, rather than a random cloud.

    Does anyone know anything that I should take a look at?

    Thanks for any advice, its really appreciated.


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    Take a look at the shapeLayout class in the Hype framework.

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