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Thread: Non text passwords

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    Non text passwords

    Hello folks,

    I am about to undertake a pretty big project and just looking to bounce some ideas around and maybe get pointed to some good resources.

    I am tasked with building an elearning package for children 5-7 obviously the age group presents alot of problems.

    Now this application will include a means of recording the childs progress and unfortunately that means using a database, I have had a good look into it and I'm thinking the best route would be connecting to mySQL with PHP. Now I think I would be relatively OK with that however this presents other issues. Each user will need some means of logging in however young children are very poor at remembering passwords/usernames.

    So I need some alternative method of authentication, at that age the child will be able to write their full name so I can use that as the username at this point (only prototype!) however I need an alternative to a password that I can implement in FLash/actionscript 3 and be somehow held in the DB. Now it doesnt need to be super secure. Perhaps something with images (Which children remember much better).

    Any ideas are very welcome

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    Stupid title

    Just read the title and realised it contradicts itself

    Perhaps alternative to passwords would make more sense ha

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    I'm pretty sure you already answered your own question. Just prompt them to enter their full name and retrieve the progress associated with that name.

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