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Thread: Arabic copy issue

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    Arabic copy issue


    I've seen similar threads but couldn't find one with the exact same issue. I've a PDF / Word document with arabic copy when I try pasting that text in flash all the joined letters start appearing as individual letters.

    I've tried the dynamic text box solution in which you create a dynamic text box and assign the text to its variable that doesn't work. But strangely when you write arabic in dynamic text box (with out assigning the text to the variable) and double click to select the text box and its content the text starts appearing fine .. but when published its again all individual letter.

    Flash CS5 .. AS2

    Any prompt response would be highly appreciated ..

    Thanking in anticipation..

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    Arabic in flash

    I have found the answer in this video on youtube:


    EVen though it is in Arabic you will se the secret is in using system fonts in the properties menu. When you click away from the text it will look like the tezt is apart but when you test and publish it the Arabic text will be normal.

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