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Thread: Letting each user select only 1 item from a pool

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    Letting each user select only 1 item from a pool

    I'm working on an 8-user app that runs over a wi-fi network using an XML socket. All of the hardware is located inside a medium sized room in a school building.

    At the start of the app, each user can select 1 role from a pool of 8. However, the socket connection runs at less than realtime, probably because of latency from the wi-fi, so it's possible for two users to make the same selection at the same time. How would I prevent this? Would time stamping help?

    Sorry for the noobish question, I haven't got a lot of exPerience and understanding of networked applications, even ones as simple as this one.

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    This is not really an AS3 question, but what the hell.

    When your clients choose a role, have them expect a response that indicates whether the choice was successful. On the server side, determine if that role is already chosen and return whatever descriptor you want, or just true or false.

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