I need to create a loop to test a set of circles (c1, c2, etc.) to see if a set of flags (f1, f2, etc.) are "on" them. I have a movieClip at the bottom of the flag pole (hitSpot_mc) so I can use that as the test point.

It works fine if I use hitTestObject, but I want to test on the actual circle, not the bounding box, so I tried this but it returns false, even though 2 of the flags are clearly on 2 of the circles. I thought it might be a case of localToGlobal (even though this is all in one movie), but that didn't seem to make a difference:

for (var k:Number=1; k<=3; k++)
	for (var j:Number=1; j<=3; j++)
		var globalPos:Point = new Point(this["f"+k].hitSpot_mc.x,this["f"+k].hitSpot_mc.y);
		globalPos = this.localToGlobal(globalPos);
		trace("hit? "+this["c"+j].hitTestPoint (globalPos.x, globalPos.y, true)) 
         //this line works correctly

		trace("over? "+this["f"+k].hitTestObject(this["c"+j]));