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    Angry #fail

    ok ive noticed that all these people hop on these "photoshop battles" and all i have seen is: 1) yall take way to damn long to make anything... 2)I work all day as a professional artist and if on something like this i took more then 10 minutes i would feel like a failed artist. 3) don't claim you are gonna do something and then not follow up. 4) everybody is big talk then they do not come trough but all the newbs ogles over bullcrap work... 5) putting horizontal or diagonal CRT display lines over something does not make it a unified composition... 6) where are the other battles? do all you only know how to use Photoshop.. what happened to illustrator, or better yet this is a flash site... so... flash? Hell Id be stoked to see an actual battle on anything other then ooo look I can edit an image...

    to sum it up... bring it who wants a real battle name the grounds and get ready for war.

    **EDIT.... man the arena must be dead if no one jumped on that... I was just smack talking to hopefully stir somebody up but it looks like after all day no one wants to battle... Im sad :-(
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