Hi, Its been a while since I used Flash!
I have a few old projects made in long forgotten versions (OK not forgotten, twas MX)... But when I try to publish them now, some bits of them don't work.

The project I am trying to put on the web was once a offline projector exe. (In those days the graphics and film was waaaay too heavy for web, but now.. easy!)
But luckily that file was just a loader that a regular index.swf was loaded into.

So I tried using loadMovie as we used to, where a swf would replace a movieclip instance... and it sort of worked, but one thing in particular didnt...

For that project, I was referencing the music (mp3 files ) from an external folder. Sound FX were imported as normal... Now the imported sounds are working, but the music isnt...

I guess some code about mp3 importing has depreciated, so is there any OTHER way I can run this project..

Do I need to mention that the FLA files are lost ages ago?