I began this odyssey by creating a presentation where a person moves through a building using a series of buttons. There are multiple ways that a person could choose to go, so I couldn't have it all one animation, I had to have separate animations, and play them at the proper time.

My first solution was to use .flvs, however, my client's servers were slow, and they didn't like the fact that there were multiple .flvs NOT being loaded in the beginning.

So, this latest time, I decided that instead of one main .swf with multiple .flv references, I would actually embed everything into one .swf.

So, there are about 13 different animations that need to be loaded. That means I have roughly 13 frames in my main movie. Each frame, has a movie on it, that is made up of a few seconds of "video", essentially created out of a series of .jpgs.

So, the first frame of the main movie plays a sub-movie (made out of multiple jpgs).

I have loaded about 5 out of the 13 jpg series, and now Koolmoves is stopping me from loading any more images and is telling me Koolmoves is running out of memory.

Is there a way to increase the amount of memory in the settings somewhere? Is that based on my computer? I've been able to shut down Koolmoves, restart Koolmoves and add about 10 more jpgs, but I've got hundreds to go.

Right now, the .swf that I'm creating from this method is about 17 MB, and it will probably be about double that in the end. Unfortunately, I see no way around it at this time (until I completely redo the method here and go for real-time simulation, but I've missed the boat on that one).

So, am I screwed with this whole running out of memory thing? Or is there a way to increase it (in 3ds Max, there's a setting you can click on to increase the amount of available memory to 3ds max, is there something like that for Koolmoves?)

Alright, so I'm moving forward with creating a presentation so that it is all one .swf.