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    Anyone have a clean solution for scrolling?

    I've tried Blitting with my own scroll equations, and the performance is still sub-par to native iOS scrolling. Without Blitting it's a disaster.

    Native apps can easily scroll 2000px of text with a swipe of the finger, but my AS3 apps run at MAYBE 20FPS.

    I believe Flex has a new component for lists, but what about us Flash IDE developers?

    I'm about to just build everything that needs to be scroll-able in Phonegap, even though their company sucks, their software breaks, and HTML5 is way behind Flash with animation.

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    i have a sloution for scrolling but i have a problem where i cant stop it from getting drag over the screen take a look at the post in that link it may help you

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    I have had very good results scrolling large sections of text and images using the Greensock Blitmask and DragProps and this was using Air 3.2. Perhaps Air 3.6 is even better.

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