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Thread: preload actionscript using "getBytes" problems

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    preload actionscript using "getBytes" problems

    Okay, so I'm now trying to use information I've found from hundreds of webpages all talking about how to check to see if your external .swf has loaded yet.

    So, in my first frame I have nothing
    In my second frame, I have this script:

    var mova = loadMovie("QM-SWF-01.swf", "mc1");
    var whatigot = mova.getBytesLoaded();
    var whatineed = mova.getBytesTotal();

    if (whatigot == whatineed) {

    In my third frame, I have this script:


    Problem is, I know that my script in frame 2 is not right...but I'm pretty sure I've followed all the advice from all of the webpages...and nothings working.

    What happens is, even if the movie hasn't loaded yet, it jumps ahead to frame 6, as if completely ignoring the "==".

    The only thing I think it could be is if I'm not calling the "getBytesTotal()" and "getBytesLoaded()" properly or something.
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