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Thread: Get parent or class of event

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    Get parent or class of event


    I have a class called "download" and an URLStream object inside it called "urlStream".

    From outside the class, I am adding a progress listener like this:
    download.urlStream.addEventListener(ProgressEvent. PROGRESS,onFileProgress);

    Everything works fine inside the onFileProgress function and bytesLoaded, bytesTotal are read correctly.

    What I need is a way to point to the download class from inside the onFileProgress function so that I can retrieve some other public variables defined in the "download" class.

    I tried things like:
    function onFileProgress(e:ProgressEvent):void {

    But obviously didn't work.

    I am pretty new with AS3, having started learning it about a month ago, so excuse me if this question is stupid.


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    You need to specify the target for the event first:
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