hi all missed me ?? lol
so... I am a very old 3dfa user.
no background in programming what so ever I had a good progress I think,
any way,
I am working on something all most a year now,
its coming to be IT now and I am very happy
i am working on ac2 and made a site that is being built by balls. (little colored dots) and it looks great
today by mistake i run it on my old system and found out that its hardly moving
on my pc its runs great ,
now that is something I have notes all along the way working with 3dfa.
and every time I came to the Conclusion that I missing something,
like maybe i am not rendering something right or maybe this is not the way to do that .... and such

lets take my last project as example

i took a ball and i duplicate it around 80 + / - times
i do that for 4 balls i get something like 360 + / - dots
they have there properties and they moving for my demand

is that ok to that ? in a flash perspective I mean . is there boundary of how many duplicates element flash can handle ?
any help would be welcome