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    Question DESPERATE! Help with Contact/Enquiry form

    PLEEEEEEEEEEESE help me as I am very very close to exploding!!! AHHHH!

    I do NOT know any coding, or anything really yet I am trying to build a Flash website. I have designed the site and used the easy actions input to make the navigation work. But I need to know how to design a contact form that works, so that it send the info to email.

    I have looked at MANY MANY tutorials and I'm just not getting it at all. It talks about PHP and servers and all sorts of things I have never heard of. ALL I know is how to animate in Flash and never done this before. Those who have tried to help are just not being basic enough in their explanations and so I have been stuck on this for a month.

    Please please please help me if you can and be VERY basic in explaining what I have to do? Thank you so very very much!!

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    Dude this should help!..


    It has a 1 PHP pg.. about 2-3 lines down is the target email address.. just set!.. : )

    Forget tutorials mate.. go to top of page where the "Flash-Kit" logo is.. look across and under the "search flash kit" box is the word "movies!... here you will find hundreds of free fla's you can tear apart and learn from, its a lot more fun then reading crap you dont understand!..
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    Thanks for reply Back2012! I downloaded and first problem is that its foreign. If I change the text in the original Flash file, would I then have to change it in the php file?

    So I tried to upload it to a flash template webspace I have on wix.com to test it but it's in AS 2 when I need it to be AS3. So won't work in website I am building on Flash as thats all AS3. Therefore this particular download is no use and can't find others on flashkit yet.

    I have downloaded a few other template contact forms that also come with a PHP file. I have changed the email to my own then uploaded the swf to test is on Wix.com. The form appeared to work yet I received no email. What am I missing?

    Lastly, even if I got all of this working, I am building a website for someone else, so would THEY then need this php file on their computer? I don't even know what a php is so I'm really in need of some help here

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    If you're really that new to Flash, then I do not suggest you try anything of that sort, as it would just confuse you due to its complication, as it is doing right now. In your case, PHP is used to send a mail to you from the information inputted in the contact form, as Flash itself can't do that, but since PHP is a server-side language, which means that it runs on your server, you don't need to send the PHP file to the person you are making this website to, you only need to upload it to your server (as in upload it to your website as a file).

    I have tried Wix myself, and if you're building a Flash website form its own editor, then you should know that they already have a built-in Contact Form you can use
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