removing a child from inside a behavior class?
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Thread: removing a child from inside a behavior class?

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    removing a child from inside a behavior class?

    I'm having trouble removing drag and drop MovieClips when they are not placed in the right spot. In the code below I have it so if the drag and drop movieclip is not placed on the target, it removes itself. I tried this with parent.removeChild(this); and this.parent.removeChild(this); and both give me this error "TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
    at DragDropObject/onUp()"

    PHP Code:
    private function onUp(e:MouseEvent):void {
    //only continue if a target has been set
                    //if (_target != null){
    trace("hey " this.hitTestObject(_target[n]));
                        if ((
    this.hitTestObject(_target[n]) == true) && (e.type != MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT)) { 
    trace("hey again");
    this.dispatchEvent(new Event (DragDropObject.PLACED));
                        } else {
                            if (
    _snapBack == true) {
                                //this.x = startX;
                                //this.y = startY;
    this.dispatchEvent(new Event (DragDropObject.SNAPPED));
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