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Thread: Development libraries for online design tool?

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    Development libraries for online design tool?

    Greetings! This is my first post, so first, let me say thank you for the great forum! I've been reading a bunch of old threads, and this looks like a great group!

    On to my question: We are looking to buy/build an on-line product design tool. This tool will allow our customers to do on-line layout of the graphics on custom looseleaf binders that we produce.

    I have been looking around to see if I can find a development kit/library to give us a head start on this. We really don't want to build from scratch. That search lead me to www.signazon.com. They have an online design tool that we really like.

    Then we noticed that there are several other sites out there with a look and feel that suggests they were built with the same component libraries that signazon used. Unfortunately, I've not been able to get to the right people at signazon to find out what they used.

    The basic functionality we need is to allow our users to:

    - Open a canvas
    - Add text and geometric shapes
    - Add photographs/size/scale/crop
    - etc.

    Think of it as a dramatically scaled down version of Illustrator, adjusted so its user-friendly enough for novice users.

    Does anyone know of a Flash-based development library/toolkit that would be a good starting point for this?

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    The only reason I am responding is that I see noone else has yet. I'm sorry that I can't point you in the right direction. I will say that something like that could be built in flash but I don't think it would be necessary to use flash.

    More importantly, you are going to need some kind of server side language if you want to save the information.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Its frustrating, because I know there is something out there, somewhere, that does this. I just can't find it!!

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