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Thread: Splash Animation

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    Splash Animation

    Good Afternoon Community:

    Im a newb when it comes to programming and i teach myself most of what i currently know. Now i have been trying to combine both a raindrop animation along with the splash effect (using the picture on my main stage). I have successfully created the raindrop effect but its the splash portion that i can't seem to do. Let me further explain.

    My first layer holds the picture /banner i would like to create. On the main stage i have created a movie clip of a raindrop coming from the top to the desired destination. "Inside the movie clip where the raindrop stops i have created a tween effect of an oval from a small scale to a large scale." I have tried to create another layer inside the movie clip. To see if i could mask the circular splash so that the rings are not present on the main stage but it seems to be present if not mask.

    Please review the SWF file

    Any experienced programmer can help this rookie please
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    Masks don't appear to have changed much over the years, I'd suggest keeping what you have in one clip rather than nesting everything and making more work than necessary.

    If the drops and the surface they're splashing onto are constant, then you need only mask individually within the clips.

    Do you have a dropbox account or other host for your .swf? When posting for help it's a bit more encouraging to see right away what stage you're at rather than downloading a zip and publishing the .fla
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