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Thread: H.264 video stuttering until loaded?

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    H.264 video stuttering until loaded?

    Months ago I created a video player for my company. It uses a Video object, and typically plays back H.264 videos. All has been fine and dandy until we started producing larger, longer videos. When playing back a longer, larger video the playback will stutter until the video has completely loaded (even if it has already downloaded the portion of the movie it's currently playing).

    I assumed there was a bug in my player, but after optimizing, tweaking and even removing everything except the code that loads the video it still stutters until it's completely loaded. I even tried re-encoding the video -- no luck.

    As I said these are long, large videos so waiting until they are completely loaded isn't a good option.

    Given that it doesn't seem to be my player, I'm wondering if this is a known issue with H.264 videos in the player? I'm running version 10.3 in Internet Explorer 8. The video in question is 640x360, 24fps.

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    What is the video bitrate?

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    It sounds like you may have encoded the video in question with set key frames ticked. If this is the case, untick it and re-encode the video, otherwise goodluck =]

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