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    Platformer - need help


    Here's my attempt at a platformer.
    You can only move the player to the left and right. Gravity also works but I still can't jump.
    Also, when I put a "Start"-Button on frame 1,there is an error, so I deleted it again.
    Hittests also don't work from the sides or the bottom.
    How can I fix this?
    Please help me with this
    Thanks a lot!

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    I am looking over your code at the moment. Let's start with the start button. You don't have one in your library and I don't see commented out code so not sure what error you were getting. Can you provide more information as to the error or maybe upload a FLA that has it in there.

    I am going to check your other stuff, but it looks like hitTest is working for the bottom.
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    I meant when I jump up to the ground from the under it (create more than one 'ground'), there is no hittest and it jumps right through it

    as i mentioned i deleted the button on frame 1 because of the error...

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