in the process of reworking my flash ecard site into html5 animation, this is my first completed html5 animation created with:
Hippo Animator (

the software is pretty amazing, and i'm happy with how close it creates flash like animation. i still love my flash software to death, but with the motions heading to html5 its great to find a animation software close to flash.

things are still a bit rough, but i'm very very happy with the results especially considering a week ago after downloading every know converter and html5 software there was nothing in site. but in a weeks time with a few major updates this software has become a real possible replacement for flash for me!

hope you enjoy, its for a joke ecard site created to harass my friends on facebook....currently this is the only html5 animation on the site, everything else is in flash.

click to watch
(be sure to check it out on your iphone, it works!)