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    [Help] Backend Saving. Yeah this again.

    I'm sure this kind of thing has been asked multiple times but I've yet to find a straight forward answer that just works.

    What I want to achieve is simple. Use some backend script of any kind. I honestly don't care what. And have flash call that script to save and load some data for a game to a .txt file.

    This won't be hosted online or anything like that and I don't want to use sharedobjects since their not permanent enough for my tastes and not easily movable from computer to computer.

    The games just a projector that you download and run. So I want it to function locally.

    So yeah. If anyone has some idea how to simply save some integer's that would be greatly appreciated.

    A piece of example code that actually works, saving and loading a single number would be a miracle at this point for me. The same for a string would be nice too.

    Though I intend to save a heck of alot of numbers for the game. Several thousand probably due to the the way the game works. Being an RPG and all that's intended to have a play time exceeding 100 hours a mass amount of player data is only to be expected.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sound like levelvalult is exactly what you're looking for. It's a subset of the GamerSafe API. Haven't worked with it yet, but the API looks really featurerich. It was the best option I found when I went scouring for backend solutions.


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    Seems interesting. I'll have a look around.

    But I'd still vastly prefer a short little backend script of some description to dump data to a txt file or xml or whatever.

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    I assume you want to do it like this because you're assuming that the computer running your application will not have an internet connection, right?

    The quickest and easiest way would of course be the use XML/PHP/MySQL to send/grab the information.

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    You can create an Air application to load from a local text file.

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