I'm not sure if this is a new bug (or feature?) in 10.3.x and 11.x, with the newer security patches, but I've discovered something very strange. Anyone else seen this?

If you have an established NetConnection to some kind of AMF service, and have already loaded the policy file, it seems that if you put your laptop to sleep / suspend the state (for more than some period of time? 10 seconds seems to be enough), and wake up again, Flash Player will throw SecurityErrorEvents on any call to that NetConnection, until it's able to reload the policy file. In fact it doesn't seem to automatically try to reload the policy file right away; sometimes it can't or won't do it until one or two calls have failed.

This looks to me like an ugly hack where they decided to 1) run some loop that checks against the computer's clock and then 2) if the loop count is off by some significant period of time, just throw out any existing policy files and let the chips fall where they may.

I can't find any documentation to support this theory, but try waking up an AMFPHP app from sleep and doing something with it...