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Thread: 3 Buttons in Flash Ad (Get URL & Go To Frame)

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    Question 3 Buttons in Flash Ad (Get URL & Go To Frame)


    I am working on a flash advertisement. Within the advertisement we have a (See Details) button which we have coded with an on release get URL. Also on the same frame, we have an invisible button over most of the tile that does the same as the See Details button. And finally, on the same frame we have a (Disclaimers) text button which links on release go to and play frame 101.

    Each button alone works, the See Details/Invis button load a new internet window with appropriate URL. The Disclaimer button loads frame 101. If you load the tile, click the disclaimer button, then x out the disclaimer it takes you back to frame 1. And everything works perfectly.

    However, if you load the tile, and first click the See Details/Invis button it will load the new internet window, but when you go back to the tile none of the buttons work. We're stumped.

    Other factors you may need to know:
    - We have a stop frame at frame 100.
    - We have a stop frame at the end of the animation.
    - We are using Flash CS5.5 and AS 2.0.

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    Attach your fla perhaps

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    Attach your fla in a fla in a fla and archive it in a fla perhaps
    you want to make a hypocrite out of everythinggg zomg

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