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Creating Rollover Effect w/ nested movieclips
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Thread: Creating Rollover Effect w/ nested movieclips

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    Creating Rollover Effect w/ nested movieclips

    I'm using AS2...
    Ok so on the main timeline I have two movieclips. One is called exitBtn and one is called back_mc. Then, there is a mc inside of back_mc that's called cta.

    I want the cta movieclip to play an animation on a frame labeled "rollOver" when the user rolls over the mc exitBtn.

    This is what I currently have on the main timeline (which isn't working)...

    Actionscript Code:

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    Hi, your function is properly coded. Use the following:

    exitBtn.onRollOver = function(){
       // back_mc.cta.gotoAndPlay("rollOver");
       trace("It works");
    Use TRACE to troubleshoot functions to make sure they actually do something.

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